Indoor dining arrangement at Ekaa Villa & Kitchen - 5

Discover the Charm of
Traditional Agra Cuisine at Ekaa's Kitchen

Travel is incomplete without good food. And we understand your need to taste something new, something local, something unique.

Curating local recipes and presenting them with a modern and contemporary take has been our mission from the start.

Special care has been taken to ensure that only locally sourced, fresh ingredients are used in our kitchen to give you the best taste of our traditional cuisine.

Working with the philosophy of farm-to-table, we source fresh produce from farmers around the city. From milk to vegetables, everything comes from within a radius of 50 km, ensuring great flavours packed with maximum nutrition and zero shelf time.

Indoor dining arrangement at Ekaa Villa & Kitchen
A traditional Indian thali being served on a plate made of dried leaves

The dishes on our menu have their roots in the local kitchens of Agra, passed from one generation to the next.

The menu has been curated from our own childhood memories and after long discussions with our aunts, grandmothers, neighbours and local foodies.

Start your day with a shot of Elixir of Life, a secret seasonal concoction served by Udit’s mother in their home and now at the Ekaa Kitchen.

Sit down for a breakfast of local delicacies of Aloo-bedawain (deep-fried unleavened bread stuffed with a special spice mix served with spicy potato curry, a hot favourite when it comes to breakfast), Chini parathas (pan-fried unleavened bread stuffed with sugar, a childhood favourite that all Agra kids grew up eating) and let our home chefs take over.

Choose from a drink made of delicate jasmine flowers or a cold, creamy sweet lassi or buttermilk flavoured with dried and fermented rose petals. We have sourced some of the finest sweets and seasonal drinks from our local favourites.

Outdoor dining arrangement at Ekaa Villa & Kitchen
A person digging into a cheesecake

Order from a selection of meals, drinks and desserts created using lost recipes that you won’t find anywhere else. You will find a combination of the exotic and seasonal in our kitchen in Agra.

Food is so exquisite that we probably won’t be able to translate for you, but the taste will remain with you forever.

A stay with us will not only delight your taste buds but also introduce you to the local flavours of the city we are so passionate about.

Bon Appetit!    

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