Breakfast of Agra

Nothing says 'Agra' more than the famous breakfast of the city - Aloo Bedain.
Start the tour with a visit to a pop-up flower market followed by a walk through the 100-year-old British post office building, which still serves as the office of the postmaster general of Agra.
End the tour at a famous breakfast joint, serving the local favourite Aloo Bedai or deep-fried flatbread with potato and yellow pumpkin sabzi topped with fresh yoghurt to balance the spices.
Wash it down with Sweet Lassi/buttermilk in summer or winter a glass of hot milk or Kadhai ka dood served in earthen pottery glasses or kullads.
Balance it all with crispy & super sweet Jalebis, hot out of the sugar syrup or other local sweets.

Charges: Rs 2,900/person. Morning 7 AM | Time: 2hrs | Min 2 pax. Street food experience

  • Guided tour with English-speaking walk leader, cost of eatables.

  • Transport service till starting point has to be provided in client cab.
  • Any tips or gratuities.

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